A Press kit is like a summary page about you that is sent out to bloggers, media outlets, venues, promoters, etc. to gain coverage. A Press kit can be delivered physically (hard copy) and can also be delivered online, also known as Electronic Press kit (EPK) – EPK is becoming increasingly normal these days.


An artist or band can get a lot of range from a good Press kit. A Press kit is very useful when promoting music – albums, tours, singles, etc. and if you are generally looking for publicity or exposure as an artist or a band.  


A good Press kit that will blow the mind of the reader can help you land more gigs. This can be sent to anyone you think might be interested in your work such as venues, organizers, radio promoters, etc.


As it is the day and age of digital technology, there is no doubt creating an attractive and read-worthy electronic press kits to sell your music can get you the result you want. 


This eBook explains how to fire up your career with an Electronic Press Kit (EPK).


Fire Up Your Career With an Electronic Press Kit (eBook)

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  • This is a downloadable eBook.

    Format: PDF

    Size: 8.5 x 11

    Number of pages: 18

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