The Benefits of Hiring a Tour Manager | by Maggy Santiago

The Tour Managers travel with musicians and crew members on touring  dates. They are working in the shadow of the artists but are still on the frontline of every live events.

As a tour manager myself I have to handle a lot of things and gather a lot of crucial informations in order to keep the crew well informed.

The Tour Managers main job is to make sure everything runs smoothly, which means they have to:

  • Arrange for travel plans;

  • Coordinate with the venues for all kind of matters;

  • Manage the money;

  • Coordinate for the accommodation, transportation & food;

  • And so much more. 

The are also responsible to prepare the "Day Sheet". This form is usually prepared prior hitting the road and should include many important sections, such as :

  • Venue Information;

  • Contact Information;

  • Schedule & Other Information;

  • Hospitality Information;

  • Press Information;

  • Lodging Information (i.e. Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Airbnb, etc.);

  • Nearby Information (i.e. Banks, Stores, Coffee Shop, etc.);

  • Additional Notes.

Obviously, this sheet and the type of information required are fully customizable. But, here is an example of what it should look like:

Every touring artist should have a Tour Manager in their team as they are the key persons in order to resolve any kind of problems that may arise while on the road.

Some of the most renown Tour Managers in the music industry includes:

  • Stuart Ross (Tom Waits, Metallica, George Michael, Weezer and many more)

  • Patrick Stansfield (The Rolling Stones, Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond)

  • Gus Brandt (Foo Fighters)

  • Marty Hom (Shakira, Bette Midler, Lionel Richie, The Eagles, Alicia Keys, Shania Twain and Janet Jackson) 

In conclusion, Tour Managers usually work with a "Tour Book". As a little bonus, here is an example of one that I used in a previous tour: Download (PDF)

Thank you all for reading this blog post and I'm looking forward to have you as a student at The Music Business School. (See complete course listing here)

Maggy Santiago

Music Business and Live Sound Instructor


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