Music Business Instructor Profile | Maggy Santiago

Hi! My name is Maggy Santiago and I'm an Instructor at The Music Business School.

I'm a professional Sound Engineer with a Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Production degree. About 10 years ago, I founded my own production and promotion company: Killsound Productions. I current live in Mexico.

My biggest musical influences are The Beatles, Pink Floyd Quincy Jones among others. I like them because they have remained humbled despite being successful artists.

To succeed in this industry I suggest you follow your dreams no matter what! On top of being patient, disciplined and humble, you must be able to set goals for yourself and take the necessary steps to reach them. And, if you are a woman, it might even be more difficult and harder sometimes. You need to knock on many doors and eventually someone will give you an opportunity. Also, don't be afraid to make mistakes, that's a good way to learn. In addition, by staying focused on the end result you will give yourself more chances to succeed.

I love my job since it allows me to travel while working in the music business. It's the perfect combination!

By studying in the music business, wether it is in the production side or the actual business, you will give yourself a better chance to succeed. I consider that my own success is based on 50% education and 50% real practice.

The online courses I designed for The Music Business School aim to help, support and hopefully make a positive change in the life of music enthusiasts.

Thank you all for reading this blog post and I'm looking forward to have you as a student at The Music Business School. (See complete course listing here)

Maggy Santiago

Music Business and Live Sound Instructor


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