In the Limelight | Las Vegas artist Mac-Gee hits over 50,000 streams off "Fast as Hell" on Spotify

Updated: Apr 30

D.Blais: Hi Mac-Gee, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Mac-Gee: Hello everyone. My name is Mac-Gee. I am a musician/Rapper originally form Chicago IL but now residing in beautiful Las Vegas NV. I play the drums and Guitar plus I write all of my own music.

D.Blais: Who is your biggest musical influence and why?

Mac-Gee: Well, to be honest I have a lot of influences. But, if I had too, I could narrow it down to about 5. First I would have to say my dad who is DJ and also a producer so growing up there was always music playing around the house. Next, I would have to say my grandma on my mom's side. She was in a singing group back in like 1940s, if im not mistaken and she also sang in the church choir in her later years. So, music has a strong foundation in my entire family, but then I also have influences like Lil Wayne who is my favorite rapper besides Biiggie Smalls. On the instrument side of things, my biggest influences would have to be Prince and Lenny Kravitz for the simple fact they were and are able to play all their own instruments, write all the music and were and are so diverse.

D.Blais: How did you learn music business?

Mac-Gee: Being involved in music my whole life I always knew I wanted to be in the industry, but I also knew being a artist was only half of it I needed to know all aspects of the business. So, after high school I attended a few colleges such as Malcolm X community College, West Wood College and also attended Columbia College of Chicago for a semester and with every school I went to I always majored in business marketing. While at Columbia thats when I started to really get into music business and study all the different laws within music and also different verbiage that are placed into contracts because I always read and heard of horror stories of artist getting screwed over due to bad contracts and I always vowed to not let that happen to me.

D.Blais: What do you suggest to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Mac-Gee: Well, if you want to follow in my footsteps make sure that whatever you are doing you are very passionate about it and understand that its going to take time patience and a lot of work. I know, with myself im nowhere near where I want to be musically and business wise so you always have to keep pushing and striving for more, set goals every week that will help you reach the major goal you have set for the year. Also stay consistent and persistent never let anyone or anything knock you of your path.

D.Blais: Have you signed a record deal or are you an independent artist?

Mac-Gee: I have signed indie record deals in the past but as of now I am not signed. I am 100% independent but to be honest I am looking to sign whether its a publishing deal or an actual record deal but only time will tell.

D.Blais: What do you think are the biggest challenges for independent artists?

Mac-Gee: The biggest challenge for me is honestly the support system. I'm pretty much doing everything on my own so all the promotional stuff, music videos, equipment and everything else comes out of my pocket so that's a struggle plus having a real machine to push all the music you are dropping is tough and poses the biggest challenge for me.

D.Blais: What means do you take in order to establish your marketing activities?

Mac-Gee: When it comes to my marketing I normally do everything myself sending out emails, sending messages via social media, but if I have the proper funds I will inquire about promotional packages to help push the music more.

D.Blais: Do you believe that social media has a positive financial impact on your career? How?

Mac-Gee: Absolutely, social media has an impact. Social media is the number one way to be seen without having to really pay for anything. For example, I make a video on Instagram and it gets like 500 views. I can pay $30 and make it reach thousands of people and someone very important like a celebrity and or a record Executive will see it and will instantly share it with their millions of followers and then boom you're an overnight sensation which will put more eyes on you and what you are doing.

D.Blais: What is your creative process?

Mac-Gee: Well it can one of two ways, the first way is I grab my guitar and start playing and I will get a idea for a song. I will lay the chords down that I want to use, think of a drum pattern and send the skeleton to one of my producer friends and then we will build from there or I have one of my producers send me some production they want me to work with. I will play the beat for about 20 minutes then I will start recording lyrics. That is the easiest for me since I dont write down words or musical notation as much anymore.

D.Blais: What achievement are you most proud of?

Mac-Gee: The biggest achievement I have to date which may not seem like a lot to some is my new single Fast as Hell that is off of my debut album Fonce Amour dropping June 10th 2020 has over 50,000 streams just on Spotify and it was added to a couple of playlist so thats huge for me.

D.Blais: What is success for you?

Mac-Gee: Success to me is being happy doing the things I love and being able to financially take care of myself doing the things I love. I use to equate success with the amount of cars, houses or women one could have, but as a more mature adult and seasoned musician I have figured out what true success to me is and that's just being happy.

D.Blais: Do you prefer to work in the studio or perform in concert?

Mac-Gee: This is a great question. I love creating records and arranging the records and putting my thoughts on record, but its nothing like performing and seeing the faces of the people your music has touched. Thats always a great and wonderful feeling.

D.Blais: What are your future music business goals?

Mac-Gee: My future music business goals are to start getting placements in TV and film. Also, I want to eventually start up my own label or production company that will help the independent artists, but will keep them 100% independent.


Instagram: @MacGee22

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