In the Limelight | Kentucky based BLINK™️ wants to pave the way for other artists

D. Blais: Hi BLINK™️, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

BLINK™️: Whats poppin’? My name is BLINK™️ and I'm about to give you a little info on Da Kid.. Tune in to get to know me with The Music Business School right now!

D. Blais Who is your biggest musical influence and why?

BLINK™️: My biggest musical influence would have to be myself honestly, & I'm saying that as humble as possible. Nobody motivates or pushes me as hard as I push myself so thats kind of where my inspiration & drive comes from. IF I did have to name something or someone, I would say my dawgs BRXTN & Rye Beezy. They the one’s who stayed on me about doing music so their influence definitely played a role with my endeavor into music.

D. Blais: How did you learn music and music business?

BLINK™️: Ive always loved music growing up, from Rap to R&B to Blues to Reggae... They all molded me into being a versatile artist because I love playing with sounds. As far as the music business I just sit back, researched & watched how things work in the industry. As well as being close to individuals who had signed deals before or just flat out have connections in the music world so I pick their brain or take notice on how they move in order to formulate my own strategies.

D. Blais: What do you suggest to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

BLINK™️: Mmm, don’t. For one, nobody come up is going to be the same. What might work for me or the next person may not be the route you should take. Its hard getting people to believe in your vision if you don’t appear to be staying adamant about it so just make sure you completely believe in your vision, then execute relentlessly.

The best thing I could tell you is to just figure out where you want to be first, then just research, network & stay active/consistent.

D. Blais: Have you signed a record contract or a publishing deal or are you an independent artist?

BLINK™️: Never. But if I did, it would be with Ghazi, or Empire, as everyone else may know them by. Only because I truly want to remain independent but I would definitely let them distribute my music if we could reach an understanding & agreement.

D. Blais: What do you think are the biggest challenges for independent artists?

BLINK™️: Budget, having a SOLID team behind you, exposure and just having that motivation/drive that keeps you consistent no matter if the music is doing numbers or not. You can never let that discourage you.

D. Blais: What means do you take in order to establish your marketing activities?

BLINK™️: Certain hashtags on my post to filter all engagement to my profile, predetermined posts so they all correspond and just making sure everything I post is high quality so that people actually want to tap in to what I have going on.

D. Blais: Do you believe that social media has a positive financial impact on your career? How?

BLINK™️: Yes & No. Yeah in that its an easy way to potentially get Millions of people to buy your music, your merch or a ticket to your show. Also, the way they have ads online now makes it impossible to miss being they stay on your feed for days... eventually people get curious and if you have something good for sale then that means you will gain more buyers/following. But No in that you can spend hundreds & thousands of dollars on ads but if you don't execute it to the right target market then you’ll be hustling backwards.

D. Blais: What is your creative process?

BLINK™️: Mostly I'll just roll a couple, loop the beat over & over until I catch the vibe I want.. Then I just record it. Sometimes I write 2-3 hooks to one beat until I decipher which one fits the best & after I lay the hook down the verses just come naturally unless its a song that I have to dig on, then ill write it out while I brainstorm certain memories.

D. Blais: What achievement are you most proud of?

BLINK™️: Waking up to see another day & being a free Black man in America.

D. Blais: What is success for you? 

BLINK™️: Knowing & having the ability to make sure that my family & everyone around me are Bosses in their own right. Ensuring everyone is straight mentally, financially, physically & spiritually.

D. Blais: Do you prefer to work in the studio or perform in concert?

BLINK™️: Either or is fine with me. I love to perform, there’s no better feeling than walking on stage with a room full of people you don’t know from Adam or Eve, yet they still vibe & show you love on set. That feeling you get when everyone singing word for word of your songs just hit different. But I do love the studio too, that's where I get my reps in as well as my opportunity to let my creativity do what it does best.

D. Blais: What are your future music business goals?

BLINK™️: Basically just make sure I'm booked up for shows, having a strong & solid fan base who I know rocking with me, & just remain independent. I like to have full creative control & freedom over my art so I strive to stay away from deals in order to keep stepping how I want to step. Also, I want to pave the way for other people like me who come from nothing & nowhere. I want them to fully understand that they're capable, just like me, but you have to mean it & put the work in consistently & relentlessly.




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