In the Limelight | Hip Hop and R&B Artist God Jani Senses a New Shift on the Horizon for Artists

D. Blais: Please introduce yourself to our readers?

God Jani: My name is God Jani, I am a hip hop and R&B artist in the DC/Maryland area, USA. I am a songwriter and entrepreneur, who’s been making music with a lot of artist behind the scenes.  

D. Blais: Who is your biggest musical influence and why?

God Jani: I love many different types of music, so it’s hard to pick just one person. Hip Hop has had the greatest influence on my life and music. From Kanye West and Pharell, Tupac and Biggie, to the underground greats like Polyester the Saint, Dom Kennedy, and Ethereal. I grew up listening to a lot R&B and Reggae music that my mom would play. I knew all the words to songs from artist like John B, Eryrkah Badu, Bob Marley, Aswad, Beres and the list goes on. I can’t forget alternative rock; Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz, Tame Impala, and Washed Out.. The sound they bring to the world is amazing. I’ve truly studied and learned so much from all these artists that have done it and I love working with them. I feel like my sound is a blend of all of these genres.

D. Blais: How did you learn music and the music business?

God Jani: Originally through trial and error. When I was at Howard University me and my music group, Surreal, were 18 years old trying to figure it all out. We had a few opportunities to get deals, but we always felt like it wasn’t the right opportunity. So, from there we started learning the independent artist game. We began creating our own albums with our own production, artwork, sales and distribution. We dropped an album called Hawaiian Punch and sold physical copies with a free cup of Hawaiian Punch to other Howard students. As I kept making music I begin to study business and entrepreneurship and now I own multiple businesses and self-produced this album. I’m also the owner of 5D music ltd. and working with some big artist on the scene right now, so be on the lookout.

D. Blais: Do you write your own music?

God Jani: Yes, I write all my music and it’s something that I take pride in and have been doing for a long time.

D. Blais: What do you suggest to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

God Jani: You have to chase your dreams and not let anyone tell you otherwise. Stay true to your sound and be a magician. When I say that I mean whatever you see in your mind put your focus on that and nothing else, get what you truly want. And most importantly, be original.

D. Blais: Have you signed a record contract or a publishing deal or are you an independent artist?

God Jani: I am an independent artist, I’ve been approached with a few opportunities for my music and writing but I’ve stayed independent. I got a masters in business administration and love business.. I see no better way right now then to build it from the ground up.

This is a special time for artists and I feel like a new shift is on the horizon. The game is definitely headed to a new place. I’m excited.

D. Blais: What do you think are the biggest challenges for independent artists?

God Jani: The hardest part is marketing and distribution. As an independent artist you don’t have a machine behind you playing your stuff to millions of people. So, everything you get you have to get it from the mud and build it up and create a vibe.

D. Blais: Do you handle the marketing yourself? How?

God Jani: When I started it was just me and my team called the well off g’s. Through them and networking we expanded. Now my team has some fresh faces and new talent, but we continue to grow and I’m blessed to have a good marketing team behind me right now.

D. Blais: Do you believe that social media has a positive financial impact on your career? How?


God Jani: I feel like social media has been one of the best things for my career because it gives you a platform to display your art. It’s given independent artist a platform where they can connect with listeners all over the world right from there phone. It’s a beautiful time for independent artist.

D. Blais: What is your creative process?

God Jani: First the beat has to inspire me. from there I connect with the beat and start creating a wave. Then the harmonies come, and I begin to lay them down. It’s very organic and natural. It’s therapeutic.

D. Blais: What achievement are you most proud of?

God Jani: Connecting with my higher self and my life purpose.

D. Blais: Do you have any music videos?

God Jani: Yea, check them out: Here

D. Blais: What is success for you?

God Jani: Success to me is inner peace, knowledge of your purpose, wisdom and making dreams reality.

D. Blais: Do you prefer to work in the studio or perform in concert?

God Jani: Performing, if you go to my live show you’ll know that there’s nothing like it. I tap into a different vibe it’s just an experience.

D. Blais: What would be your dream gig?


God Jani: I would love to do a sold out world tour. Tour w/ Pharrell or OutKast or sumn epic like that. Or just do it independently. That would be dope. And a Grammy performance would be cool.

D. Blais: What are your future music business goals?

God Jani: My goal is to take 5d Music and make it one of the best places for organic music to be made. I want to be behind some of the biggest records in the next 10 years.

D. Blais: What are the next steps for you?

God Jani: I’m going to be releasing a lot of music over the next few months. I want to bring a lot of good energy to the spring and summer especially with everything that is going on.  I think the people are gonna like it. A lot of good music on the way.


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