In the Limelight | Ghoulsby Plans on Touring and Releasing New Music Once the Pandemic is Over

D. Blais: Please introduce yourself to our readers?

Ghoulsby: Hey! I am Ghoulsby and I am a musician from Fort Worth, Texas!

D. Blais: Who is your biggest musical influence and why?

Ghoulsby: It’s hard to narrow the influence down into one artist or genre, I’ve always been very broad in my musical tastes but to give some examples I’d say my biggest musical influences include Gorillaz, Pink Floyd, Queen, Michael Jackson and My Chemical Romance.

D. Blais: How did you learn music and the music business?

Ghoulsby: It’s all been very DIY for me during this whole journey. I taught myself guitar and piano when I was around 14 and started dabbling in production when I was 16 just making small snippets of songs on my phone, tracking multiple instruments on to one another and people from my school started listening to them and enjoying them so it just slowly grew and I gradually got better at it. As far as music business, that is something I very recently started to get involved with and I am currently learning a lot about the marketing and networking of the local scenes.

My main plan as of recent has been just to do whatever scares me the most and hope it works out!

D. Blais: What do you suggest to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Ghoulsby: Get out of your comfort zone. As much as I have always hated hearing that phrase growing up I can attest to its truth. The times in which I have made the most personal growth has been the times where I have ran towards the thing that scared me the most, a lot of failure happened and a lot of embarrassing moments in the beginning of Ghoulsby but I definitely learned a lot from the failures.

D. Blais: Have you signed a record contract or a publishing deal

Ghoulsby: I am currently a completely independent artist and basically do all of the song writing, production, managing and publishing by myself (I am looking to start a team though, so if anyone is interested, hit me up ;))

D. Blais: What do you think are the biggest challenges for independent artists nowadays?

Ghoulsby: I think it’s an issue of creating content. For me personally keeping up with the rate of content being pushed by people who have entire teams dedicated to instagram posts is difficult and can be very stressful but at the same time I feel that this can be one of the most exciting times for independent artists! Everything is available for someone to make an entire album in their bedroom for very cheap and the access for information that we currently have to learn how to create music as good as someone with a 10,000 dollar studio is unheard before this time.

D. Blais: What is your creative process?

Ghoulsby: There’s different approaches I have, sometimes I just sit down with an acoustic guitar and work out a song completely there and sometimes I use a computer to construct the entirety of a song.

I’d say the one thing that stays the same is that I really do try everything when it comes to songwriting, I particularly love the ideas that sound competely stupid in concept but somehow turn into amazing ideas the more they are fleshed out.

D. Blais: What achievement are you most proud of?

Ghoulsby: The current songs I am working on right now are some of the best songs I’ve ever written and I feel that the concept for the next EP is much much stronger than it was for the last one. As far as live shows go I would probably say playing at House of Blues, Dallas was the most surreal show I’ve played. It was the first show we played with a full band setup and while it was a little bit choppy in some areas and most people had no clue who we were it still was the first show where I felt like a proper “band” and I was really proud of us after that show.

D. Blais: Have you done anything special in regards with the pandemic situation?

Ghoulsby: No, I’ve really just been taking this time to focus on behind the scenes things and get more intimate with songwriting and really search my brain for ideas. Other than that it’s been kind of a hiatus for me and my bandmates, I’ve mainly just been focused on school work and hanging out with my girlfriend and family. I do have a lot planned for when this whole thing blows over though!

D. Blais: Do you prefer to work in the studio or perform in concert?

Ghoulsby: They are both amazing in their own very separate ways. Being on stage provides a sense of satisfaction similar to being on a roller coaster, It’s very exciting and high energy whereas being in the studio provides a sense of satisfaction closer to having an insightful conversation with a friend, it’s very creative and thought provoking. I love both so much it’s too hard to pick a favorite.

D. Blais: What are your future music business goals?

Ghoulsby: Right now the goal is to build a team of dedicated people to help with social media management, gigging and press. When the quarantine ends the main short term goal is to play as many shows as possible and eventually go on a mini tour in Texas and neighboring states, I was in talks with a booking company before the pandemic started about a small tour but that has obviously fallen through sadly. After that the goal would be to just keep releasing music consistently and grow the brand of Ghoulsby as big as it could possibly get.


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