In the Limelight | "Do Not Stress Yourself With Fame" Highlights Award-Winner Artist Mirjam Catal

D. Blais: Please introduce yourself to our readers?

Mirjam Catal: My name is Mirjam Catal and I live in Vienna, Austria. I am a pianist, musician and songwriter. D. Blais: Who is your biggest musical influence and why?

Mirjam Catal: The Weeknd. I love the mix of soul and synth/hip hop beats. In general I really love RnB songs. D. Blais: How did you learn music?

Mirjam Catal: I had piano lessons for 2,5 years and I started singing when I was one year old. Together with my older sister I recorded singing famous pop-songs.  D. Blais: Do you produce your own music and write your own lyrics?

Mirjam Catal: I compose songs with my brother's lyrics. He often sends me pure lyrics and I compose the piano, or the other way around. My producer Marc Miner (Label Between Music) produces the studio versions of my songs.

D. Blais: What is your music creation process?

Mirjam Catal: After I get the lyrics from my brother we record a demo version of the song with my mobile phone and send it to my producer.  D. Blais: How do you market your music?

Mirjam Catal: I am very active on Instagram, Facebook and I have my own Youtube channel and Spotify account. We promote our songs through additional ads. D. Blais: Which social media do you like best to promote your music? Why?

Mirjam Catal: Spotify I like the most because I use it very often for myself. D. Blais: Do you usually perform live on a regular basis?

Mirjam Catal: Usually I perform on stages about 30 times a year.

D. Blais: What achievement are you most proud of?

Mirjam Catal: I won some music awards, f.e. "NÖN sucht das größte Talent 2018", "Podium.Wien U20 2019" and "Wiener Stadtfest 2019". My song "Legacy II" was nominated at GSA. D. Blais: Do you manage your own career? 

Mirjam Catal: It's teamwork: together with my brother YKO - my lyricist - and my mother we manage my career. Making music is more of a hobby than work. I just enjoy making music.

D. Blais: What do you suggest to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps? 

Mirjam Catal: The most important thing is to have fun with what you are doing, and to not stress yourself with fame. D. Blais: What are your future music business goals? 

Mirjam Catal: I hope to reach a lot of people with the music I like.


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