In the Limelight | Dayofkk Loves the Creative Process of the Recording Studio


D. Blais: Please introduce yourself to our readers? Dayofkk: Hey my name is Dayofkk and I’m an artist coming out of Edmonton, Alberta. D. Blais: Who is your biggest musical influence and why? Dayofkk: I’d say my biggest musical influence is probably travis scott because when I discovered his music I was younger about 12 or 13 and it sounded way different then the type of rap I was used to hearing so it gave me a deeper interest in music as a whole and inspired me to actually pick up a mic and try laying down my own stuff.


D. Blais: How did you select your stage name?

Dayofkk: I got half of my stage name from my moms, for as long as I can remember she’d been calling me KK and i never really used the name or embraced it until I wanted to try out rapping so I just thought this is the day I started using the name for real so this is the dayofkk and it rolled with me.

  D.Blais: What do you suggest to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Dayofkk: I’d suggest to just go ahead and do it if you feel like it’s your true passion and make sure you have the confidence to believe in yourself but also have self awareness and an open mind so you can learn new things and grow to reach your fullest potential. 

D. Blais: Do you manage your own career? What is the biggest challenge you are facing?

Dayofkk: I do manage my own career yeah and the biggest challenge I’m facing is probably just being able to get my name in a wide variety of people’s faces cuz you know it’s harder when you do most of these things all on your own buts it’s all cool it’s not impossible. 

D. Blais: Do you produce your own music and write your own lyrics?

Dayofkk: Usually I do pretty much everything except making the actual beat but besides the beat I mix and master, record, write my own lyrics and everything. Lately I’ve been trying to get into it with studios because doing all that by yourself is a timely process. My first EP I had a lot of help with recording, mixing, etc. So shoutout to my guys at drumlab especially J.ave and knockinbeats but other than that it’s all me. D. Blais: How do you market your music?

Dayofkk: I usually market my music through Spotify playlists and social media especially Instagram and Snapchat. With the social media stuff I’ll post ads, get people to share my stuff and try to make the post eye catching enough to where people will care. 

D. Blais: Which social media do you like best? Why?

Dayofkk: My favourite is probably instagram because of the fact that it’s so much easy to market the music there and see how people react and interact with every post so I can learn what and what not to do and keep learning.


D. Blais: What is your creative process?

Dayofkk: Usually I find a beat and listen to it if I’m not interested in sum like the first 10 seconds I forget about it but if the beat keeps my attention then I listen till all the instruments kick in then I wait for flows to come out and get to recording those flows. After I’ve put down the flow of it I create lyrics to match the flow then once I’ve recorded everything I mix it and listen to see if it sounds good enough to me.

D. Blais: What achievement are you most proud of?

Dayofkk: The achievement I'm most proud of is reaching over 100k streams on my song Cartier even though it’s above that I’m just proud that I was able to reach that mark on any of my songs alone. 

D. Blais: Have you done anything special in regards with the pandemic situation?

Dayofkk: Nothing really I’ve just been recording more and learning more than usual with all the time on my hands. 

D. Blais: Do you prefer to work in the studio or perform in concert?

Dayofkk: I prefer to work in the studio more because I just love the creative process and being able to look at what I’ve done after, just like how an artist will paint for hours and see the beauty they created it gives me a some type of pride when I listen to a full song I’ve finished.

  D. Blais: What are your future music business goals?

Dayofkk: My future music business goals are just to be able to get enough money off music to live comfortably and buy anything that my people need or even don’t need especially my mother because when I was a kid we were pretty poor and my mom worked and went through a lot and throughout my life our situation got better and better and now we living pretty normally. So, being able to pay her back ten fold for everything she did for my whole family would make me feel fulfilled.


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