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D. Blais: Please introduce yourself to our readers?

SC: I am SC and I’m a producer/artist from Darlington, SC.

D. Blais: Who is your biggest musical influence and why?

SC: My biggest music influence would have had to be two people. The first person would be my grandfather. He can play the guitar, the piano, and read music. When I was growing up I would sit and watch him practice the songs he was going to perform with the band he was in when I was a kid. He would make sure he had every little detail of the song perfected before the band was set to perform. The second person that influenced me musical would be Devonte’ Swing of Jodeci. When I was younger my mom wouldn’t allow me to buy rap music because of the content, so it was R&B or nothing. I was a big Jodeci fan. Devonte was the creative force for that group/band and the way he used the synthesizer was mind blowing for me. Listening to how he could blend sounds is one of the reasons I wanted to make music.

D. Blais: How did you learn music business?

SC: The music business is constantly changing, but I’ve learned things from reading different books and from people who have managed or been around the business.

D. Blais: Do you write your own music?

SC: I do write my own music, but I’m not against someone pitching me a idea.

D. Blais: What do you suggest to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

SC: I would suggest that you get a understanding of the business and who you are as an artist.

D. Blais: Have you signed a record contract or a publishing deal or are you an independent artist?

SC: I’m a independent artist.

D. Blais: What do you think are the biggest challenges for independent artists?

SC: The biggest challenges for indie artists I think would be not having the major label machine that can make a call or two that can take your marketing to another level and the funding, because promotion takes money.

D. Blais: Do you handle the marketing yourself? How?

SC: I handle most of the marketing, but I run a lot things past my team or they’ll suggest things to me . I try to reach out to many different media outlets to spread my music.

D. Blais: Do you believe that social media has a positive financial impact on your career? How?

SC: Yes, it is. I think social media is the bridge between the people and an artist because everyone is on social media.

Finding out where and how to connect with the people is always good and even better when it’s financially.

D. Blais: What is your creative process?

SC: I like to hear different beats I’ve made before I create a new one, kind of like a warm up. When it comes to writing I try to let go and just write from a free and honest place. If I have a flow or pace going I don’t stop until the song is complete.

If I ever feel like I’m forcing it I’ll just stop with that particular song.

D. Blais: What achievement are you most proud of?

SC: I never feel like I’ve done anything, but a week or two ago someone told me that I inspired them and I was shocked by that. I would consider that an achievement because inspiration is very powerful.

D. Blais: Do you have any music videos?

SC: I have a couple.

D. Blais: What is success for you? 

SC: Success to me is having a plan or idea and seeing the plan or idea all the way through.

D. Blais: Do you prefer to work in the studio or to perform in concert?

SC: I’m a creator, so I’ll say the studio

D. Blais: What would be your dream gig?

SC: I’m not really sure.

D. Blais: What are the next steps for you?

SC: To keep releasing material and prepare to launch this label.


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