How to Get Radio Royalties in USA and Canada?

Updated: Apr 5

How to Get Radio Royalties in USA and Canada?

The answer to this question is quite simple... You must join a Performing Right Organization (a.k.a. PRO)!

In order to play whatever music they want, the radio stations must obtain something called a “Blanket License” from their local PROs.

Basically, the radio stations pay the PROs a certain fee, according to the license’s terms and conditions. Once the PRO is being paid, they will send the royalty payment to the music publishers and/or the authors/composers.

In clear, if you wrote some music or lyrics to a song and it is being used, you might be entitled to receive some radio royalties. But, you (or your music publisher) MUST be member of a PRO and declare your musical works properly prior to receive any money. This means, that you will have to fill out an online form (or perhaps a hard copy in some cases) and tell the PRO what your shares are as well as the overall royalty split, including all participants.

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