Have you Considered Referral Marketing to Get More Gigs?

If you’re looking to maximize exposure, reach more fans, sell more merchandise and eventually make more profits with your live performances, there is no better way than with referral marketing. Referral marketing is all about encouraging people you know, past concert buyers such as concert promoters, venue managers, music festival organizers and even your fans to talk about your show to potential buyers.

Ultimately, there is no better and easier way to better position your brand and leverage your existing client base than to design a referral system that actively encourages sharing.

There are many ways to create a referral system for an artist. Here are some examples... you could:

  • Compensate referrals based on a specific cash value;

  • Give away some concert tickets;

  • Give away signed posters;

  • Share exclusive (non distributed) recorded music;

  • Give 25% discount (using electronic coupons) towards purchases made on your online store;

  • and the list goes on and on. Be creative!

Make sure you spend enough time analyzing what is currently working with other artists so you can design a referral program around what is likely to move the needle.

The key is to analyze your market so that your marketing ideas will attract the right new customers for you and hopefully convert them into buyers.

Are you ready to get more gigs, to maximize your earnings and level-up your game with referral marketing?

Feel free to share your ideas with us in the comment section below!


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