Grow Your Fan Base by Promoting Your Music to College Radios Across North America

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Let's start with this... College radio is an excellent platform for emerging artists (one of the best, along with social media platforms). And, the good news is that you can find them all across North America.

Some of them are pretty small, they can have the size of a small operational room. There are also such stations with huge operational capacity. It means they cover a broad range in terms of contents and operations. Plus, there are some parameters that are needed to be fulfilled in order to be officially considered as a non-commercial radio station. These types of stations give ground to the promising talents. If you want to get your songs into a college radio station, don't worry, because the involved steps are not so difficult once you know them all.

Your music has to be good to be approved by a college radio station.

To begin with, there are a lot of College Radio stations for you in North America. I mean A LOT!

The easiest way to get your music played on College Radios across North America is to hire a "Radio Tracker". His main job is to promote your music to the stations' Music Directors and to deliver a report so you will know exactly the status of your promotion campaign. There are different types of radio trackers. Some of them are specialized in a specific music genre such as Hip Hop, Country, etc., while others are pretty open to any kind of music. Also, some radio trackers even consider small student-run stations as a college radio station while others have a higher expectation from a college radio station. So, you need to hire the one that you consider best for reaching your goals. 

The radio tracker will update you on a weekly basis about your song. In order to promote your music properly, the radio tracker will be in touch with the music director of every college radio that suits your niche to get any valuable information about the status of your song.

Just like anything in this world... You either spend money or your precious time. It's yours to decide!

The downside is that you need to invest some money to hire a radio tracker. As you know, nothing is really free in this world (With the exception of the Webinar that you will find later in this article!).

The other option for you is to perform this task by yourself. It will certainly be cheaper, but it will be time consuming.

Whether you choose to hire a radio tracker to promote your song or do it yourself, it is strongly suggested that you know all aspects of radio promotion in order to make better decisions for your career.

For a limited time, The Music Business School invites you to attend a 100% FREE WEBINAR on the subject: Get you Music Played on College Radios Across North America!

Here is what will learn:

To Select the Right Music to Submit to College Radios LEARN how to analyze your songs according to the most common selection criteria in College Radios in USA and Canada.

To Select the Proper College Radios for Your Music

LEARN what are the different radio formats on the market and select the College Radios that match your music genre best.

To Prepare the Proper Tools in Order to Submit Your Music to College Radios in North America

LEARN how to write a press release, to distribute your music and to declare your musical works to PROs in order to received royalties from College Radios in USA and Canada.

To Develop and Maintain a Good Relationship with College Radios Music Directors

LEARN how to communicate adequately with Music Directors and to perform a weekly follow up in order to get the desired results.

To Generate a Radio Tracking Report

LEARN why generating an accurate radio tracking report is so essential and start building yours today.

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