Craziest Things Artists Have Done on Stage

Updated: Mar 28

Rock music has its extreme. If you go to rock concerts often, you might have seen awkward things done by the performers. Some of them are close to normal, but some are outright crazy. Talking about crazy, here is a list of some really really crazy things pop, rock and punk artists have pulled on stage.

|| Alice Cooper: Guillotines baby dolls

Alice Cooper was popular in the 70s and 80s, both because of his rock music and the crazy acts he pulled out on stage. At a concert during that time, he did something before the audience that should take place on this list. He had a guillotine on his stage. He had baby dolls which he pierced with a sword and ran on the stage. Not only that, but he also wore a strange boa constrictor around his neck to look even crazier. It was hilarious, as well as maniacal and crazy.

There was another incident about Alice that gave him some more publicity. When he was at a concert in Toronto in 1969 someone from the crowd threw a chicken on the stage. He thought of it as another bird that could fly. So he held the chicken and threw it in the sky. The chicken fell down and died among the large audience. This incident was also mentioned and discussed in the biography of one of the guitarists. Because of that though the promoters had to stop Alice's show and called the backup band.

|| Red Hot Chili Peppers: Played wearing only socks

Red Hot Chili Peppers is an American band heavily active in the 1980s. They are also known for their craziness during a concert. Alternative rock was their main genre. But they didn't get on the stage and just rock guitars. It would seem that all the team members had an apathy to clothing. Because they used to play their songs with only wearing socks. But they were careful not to wear them on the toes; instead, they used the socks to cover their private body parts! The got used to that and it became the trademark of RHCP. They performed many concerts for decades this way. But don't worry if you feel shy about reading this and want to go to their concert at current days. The good news is that they now wear clothes while rocking some electronic guitars.

|| Ozzy Osbourne: Biting a Bat

It is often attributed to British musician Ozzy Osbourne that he is one of the craziest on-stage rock singers. The name of his band was Black Sabbath. Indeed he was very popular during his golden days. He had a lot of concerts back then. At one such concert in 1980, he was with his team with the performing. One of the wicked audience threw a bat on the stage. Ozzy seemed to be very happy about that. Without any hesitation, he picked it up and bit its head off instantly. Crazy! He seemed to like it as he later he termed the incident as 'bat-shit-crazy'.

|| GG Allin: Smearing feces on his face during shows

GG Allin is dead for many years now, he is very notoriously known for what he used to do on stage during his performances. His shows were full of firey punk in the 70s and 80s, throwing cynical views to the society. Apart from hurting and mutilating himself, he did something very gross and eccentric. Allin used to take laxatives before the show and during a climax, he used to shit on stage and cover himself with his own feces. Nasty! He then used to throw it to the audience and beat them up. According to him, it was to show a distinction between himself and a society going crazy with violence.

|| Iggy Pop: Going Crazy

James Newell Osterberg Jr is also known by his stage name Iggy Pop. He was a "true legend" when it comes to craziness on the stage. To be precise he was batshit crazy. Always without a shirt and bent down when performing his songs. He also liked to slash himself on the stage. His pain endurance often entertained the audience. Iggy Pop was innovative too. It is said that Iggy invented the stage dive. But not that, but Iggy was also a pugnacious bully man. At a show, he insulted and provoked a tough biker gang member and heavily got beaten on the spot. But he stood up and continued the show like it was nothing. What a good lesson of life to those who want to give up so easily!

|| Marilyn Manson: Making a fan taking off Avenged Seven Fold T-Shirt

Brian Hugh Warner is also known as Marilyn Manson. His shows are nice. But once you go to his show, there is a significantly high probability that something crazy is about to happen. From ironing Nazi flag to getting crushed by a huge crucifix- Manson was there. According to reports, he once urinated to the crowd also. He was wearing a strap-on dildo at that time. A recent incident at 2018 brought him once again into the limelight. It was a festival in Madrid, Spain. While he was on the stage at his concert, someone was allegedly booing him for a long time. He was wearing an Avenged Sevenfold T-shirt to show his support, as their concert was scheduled later Manson's show. Manson lost it and made that man strip his T-shirt. Some of his fans did not like this so much.

|| Jim Morrison: Got arrested for exposing his p$%?& around on stage

Jim Morrison was the lead vocalist of the band named The Doors and was known for his outrageous and crass remarks. He became a controversial figure on an incident on March 1st, 1969. Actually, it was the most controversial performance of the band. They went to Miami for the show. It was said that Morrison arrived late because he was drinking too much that day. The auditorium was a little shabby and was overly crowded. Morrison was already irritated and became more so because of the large crowd. Sometimes, he booed the crowd as the temperature was getting too high. At one point, Jim removed his clothes and exposed his p$%?&. And eventually, he got arrested by police. Allegedly he also wanted to make a riot among the crowd. There were lots of complaints also towards the crowd. Things were put into a debate as the other team members said that Jim did not expose his p$%?& on the stage. Jim is dead, but this case is still known.

|| Lady Gaga: Getting puked during a performance

Lady Gaga has been known and popular for many years now. She is notorious for her sense of artistic style in dressing among other bizarre things. But you can say that she is a bit "gross" as well. Once at a concert, she did something crazy. She was performing a song at that time. The song was called "swine". While she was doing that, one of the fellow performers came to her and, as if to prove the properness of the name of the song, puked some green things on her. And she seemed to be absolutely okay with that. What a nasty form of art!

||Jimi Hendrix: Burning his guitar on stage

Jimi Hendrix played both with fire and his guitar. And it was on the stage. During a show in 1967 at the Monterey Pop Festival, he did this. It was an innovative way for him to get attention. While in the middle of the show, Jimi threw fuels all over his Fender Stratocaster guitar and set it on fire. He did not stop there. Jimi played some firey melody of madness while it was burning. Result? He received burn injuries. The fire was extinguished by other people. Jimi performed in the finale of the show with his injuries and later got hospitalized. After a long time in 2008, his burnt guitar was sold for $450,000.

|| Miley Cyrus: Pretending to have sex with a doll

Miley Cyrus has been doing this for several times on stage. She usually goes to the stage with lots of special blow-up dolls and other inflatable props. It was becoming frequent with her. Sometimes she also did a simulation of sexual acts like fellatio with one of the said dolls. That's not all. She sometimes pretended to have sex with the dolls.

|| Digital Suicide: Faced resistance because of their fiery lyrics

Digital Suicide is an unorthodox rock band. They are from Assam, India. Not so well known, but they did something crazy too in 2015 and soon faced public opposition and criticism. Their lyrics were explicit and critical to some social situations. Their show got canceled at another city called Shillong. They even received threats from one of the extremist groups which they criticized in the song. Basically, they talked about bigotry, insurgency and other things in their song. People sure did not like them. But it a country which is very sensitive and edgy, this kind of show is a new thing. You could also call them crazy.

|| Bjork: Shouting "Free Tibet" at the end of the concert at Shanghai

Bjork is an Icelandic singer and songwriter. She held a concert in Shanghai, China in 2008. China has been ruling Tibet for a long time now. Although Tibetian people want independence, it is a controversial and sensitive issue in China to demand Tibetian freedom. But Bjork had the gall to do right that at a certain point of her concert. She shouted "Free Tibet" on the soil of China. Of course, the audience did not like this action very much. There were controversy and discussions by Chinese people and their media over the internet following Bjork's show.

|| Pussy Riot: Explicit punk inside Moscow cathedral

Pussy Riot is a feminist protest punk rock group originating from Moscow, Russia. They gained headlines for their "guerilla performances". They performed at the unusual locations protesting against many issues like LGBT rights. Pussy Riot also seems to hate Vladimir Putin, which is evident from their performances. Above all these, they once performed inside Moscow's Cathedral of Christ The Savior wearing their special ski masks. Sadly, they got arrested for this. Priests saw this work as if done by devils.


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