Are you ready to sell your own merch?

The biggest challenge that every musician faces these days is to generate income. As there are plenty of musicians mushrooming all over, there is no way one can rely on just selling their recorded music to make a living.

Selling albums, granting various licenses for the songs (for some of you...if you are lucky!), and touring around the country to perform might earn you a living, but if you are looking to make extra money out of your brand and music, then you need to diversify.

You should think of tapping new sources of income...

The best way to generate a good income and also steady income as an indie artist is by selling merchandise.

Merchandising is another way of staying connected with your followers. This gives the fans an option of interacting with their favorite musicians. You should be selling products or merchandise that is on cue with your style of music. By selling custom merchandise, you can always generate a good amount of money even if you do not sell your recorded music and albums that much.

You need to find and choose the right merchandise to sell. There is also the need to find out the best supplier who will make the merchandise available to your target audience through various online sources.

The print-on-demand (POD) services offer you easy and affordable access to the markets that you once found very difficult to access. You do not need to pay any upfront payment to these service providers to get your stuff online. They will offer you safe and secure money transactions with your customers and there is no need to worry about money theft online.

These services will offer the necessary guidance for the indie artists to successfully make use of the print on demand platform.

Here is a list of some of the most reputable POD companies. Visit their website and see by yourself:







So, it's time for you to get creative, design your own merchandise and start generating extra income today!


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