7 of the Best Places to Share Your Music


SoundCloud is arguably the largest open audio platform currently out there. With 20 million creators, there’s no shortage of music to listen to. The best part is that anyone can upload their own content. SoundCloud is the perfect networking opportunity for upcoming artists because you can share your audio on all your social media pages, blogs and sites. The platform makes tracking your growth easy by offering many statistics regarding your play counts, followers and more. SoundCloud also promotes direct engagement with your fans so they can leave helpful feedback and encouragement and you can grow your brand.


Audiomack is very similar to SoundCloud. It’s a platform where artists can share their music all without charge. The first thing you see when pulling up Audiomack is a trending page where they show you what people are listening to right now. It’s great for listeners to find something new and for creators to see what people want to hear. The platform was built around requests from its users making it very user friendly and a top competitor against SoundCloud. Another big bonus about Audiomack is that it pays its creators. While Audimack offers statistics that tell you the number of plays your audio gets, it focuses less on the numbers and more on the reach of your music.


We all know that you can find almost anything on Reddit but did you know that you could also post your own music to the site? There’s really nothing Reddit can’t do. Artists can post their audio on the many different subreddits catered to their style of music. The best thing about using Reddit is the ability to interact with fans and other members of the community. It’s a platform where you can get personal and create lasting bonds with people. The Reddit community is also a very honest group of people so you’re sure to get a lot of feedback. If you’re looking for instant gratification, Reddit is not your platform. It focuses on the music rather than the numbers. However, there’s always the chance of getting discovered.


If you’re in it for the money, ReverbNation is the platform for you. It’s the only platform on this list that puts most of its focus on the business side of music. Not only does ReverbNation share your page with other artists on the platform but it shares your music directly with promoters, sponsors and other important people in the industry. You can even advertise your music on sites such as Facebook (for a price) through the platform. ReverbNation has no shortage of tools to help you find gigs, become sponsored and grow your fan base. They’ll help you become the star you always dreamed of being.


Bandcamp is another music sharing platform similar to others on this list. It makes sharing audio and earning money easy. Bandcamp prides itself on giving 80-85% of sales money back to the artist because they deserve to get paid for their creation. The platform also caters to viewers by giving them the option to stream songs for free or buy a downloadable version. Bandcamp makes sharing and discovering new music a top priority as well. Every search is accompanied by recommendations of similar music. There’s a good chance your audio will show up in these recommendations, increasing your exposure and fan base.


Over a billion people use YouTube daily. That’s a billion people who could potentially see your content. While YouTube is great for sharing videos, plain old audio files don’t seem to do as well. However, if you have some spare time and a camera, creating a music video for your audio could really help you promote yourself. So many people have been discovered on YouTube such as Justin Beiber. Now, he’s a huge star. This platform might not be the best for starting out. Use other platforms to start getting your audio out into the world and develop a fan base. Once you have more time on your hands, you can focus on making a memorable video. Maybe it’ll even go viral.

Personal website

While it’s not exactly a platform, creating your own website is a great way to promote yourself and your music. Every serious musician should have one and build it around his/her brand image. A website will act as a home base of sorts. Anyone who finds you on SoundCloud or Audiomack should be able to look you up and find your website displaying your latest news, shows and music as well as your contact information. Any promoter or venue who sees you on social media should be able to click through to your website and view more content telling them why they should make a deal with you. A well maintained website is the key to good business.


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