7 Apps to Help You Start Your Beat Making Career


Available for IOS

Price: Free

If you haven’t heard of Apple’s GarageBand by now, you must be living under a rock. One of the most user-friendly apps, GarageBand is the perfect all in one for beginners who want to try making their own music. It offers multitudes of loops for quick music creation or plugins to incorporate a guitar, keyboard or even your own voice. It’s safe to say that GarageBand has come a long way since it was first released in 2004.


Available for IOS

Price: Free

Figure may look simple on the surface and that’s because it is. Offering a drum machine, bass synth and lead, Figure allows you to focus on the core aspects of beat making and learn what really makes a beat good. You can easily create electronic loops in any key or at any tempo. Propellerhead has delighted both beginner users and more advanced producers with this one.

FL Studio Mobile

Available for IOS and Android

Price: Under $20 for either system

Originally for desktop, FL Studio has now become mobile. It offers the same synthesizers, FX panel and step sequencer as the desktop version along with over a hundred instruments to sample from. FL Studio is a real favorite among producers. It’s good for those who have mastered GarageBand and are looking for something a bit more advanced but still easy to navigate and use.

iMaschine 2

Available for IOS

Price: Around $10

This app is more than a couple of colorful buttons. iMaschine contains a drum pad for sketching out rhythms as well as a keyboard to create basslines and melodies. It allows you to create whole tracks as well as export individual loops to your desktop. iMaschine comes fully equipped with a library of around 400 sample sounds but this wasn’t enough. You can also sample songs from your iTunes library or add your own vocals.

Moog Filtration

Available for IOS

Price: Around $7

While a synth could cost you upwards of $300, Moog has conveniently placed it all in the palm of our hands for an affordable 7 (ish) dollars. Filtatron centers around what Moog is known for: the Moog Ladder Filter. While you can create your own sounds, the app works best when you record your own sounds or transfer sound files from your computer. It might take some time to get used to shaping your sound with the knobs and dials or the two virtual pads.

Akai IMPC Pro 2

Available for IOS

Price: About $25

Akai IMPC Pro 2 is on the pricier side but most people would agree that the app is definitely worth the money. It has multitrack capabilities and boasts a huge sound library that draws from all types of genres. IMPC Pro 2 also comes with a sampling functionality from all your favorite music apps such as Spotify and YouTube. Other cool features include the real-time warping of audio through time-stretch and pitch-shifting so that all your tracks match tempo.

Ninja Jamm

Available for IOS and Android

Price: Free

Like many other apps mentioned above, Ninja Jamm is a great tool for beginners. However, it’s unique because the app’s main goal isn’t for you to create your own music from scratch. Instead, Ninja Jamm gives you access to a library of Ninja Tune releases and Loopmaster samples packs to remix and create new tunes from. You may be thinking that this app is useless. You signed up to create your own beats. There are so many tools used for beat making that if you’re just starting out, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed. Ninja Jamm allows you to practice and get comfortable with drum pads and FX tools so that you’re better equipped when it comes time to make your own music.


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