6 Amazing Tools to Help you Create your Traditional Press Kit and EPK

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What is a Traditional Press Kit?

Traditional, or physical, press kits make use of folders and always include the band’s logo or the artist’s official logo or image. A CD may also be included in the folder. If you are an artist or band and have your Press kit available online, a link to access your content can be included.

Traditional Press kits have almost gone out of style completely and are being replaced by the electronic press kit (EPK). They are no longer required unless you’re going to attend a large industry conference like SXSW or the Canadian Music Week, you can take some copies along with you in case you want to hand some over to reporters, bloggers, booking agents, etc.

Make sure to include all the relevant information including ways you can be contacted.

What is an EPK?

An Electronic Press Kit (a.k.a. EPK) is like a Wikipedia or summary about you. This is all your publicity materials in one place and can be saved on the cloud, sent out by email, by dropbox or just posted on your website – this is usually a page on your website that is hidden, and password protected. It is not meant for your fans but for the industry.

Not everyone is taking advantage of what an EPK is and what it can do for you. Make an EPK because it will make you stand out among other artists that don’t make them at all.

So, when you make this EPK, it’s going to have everything that someone would want to know about you from an industry perspective – these people would be venues, booking agents, bloggers, radio promoters, other bands or anyone in the industry. What this means is that they are looking for artists, looking for talent and looking to sign you and you need to provide all your information in a concise and organised way.

Here are 6 amazing online tools to help you create your Traditional Press Kit as well as your Electronic Press Kit (EPK):

We wrote an eBook on the subject : Fire Up Your Career With and Electronic Press Kit


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